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Ghost Story

Author’s Note: This was written as part an exercise (heh ghosts) to write a story in 750 words exactly.

“Spiritus hac nocte visita me placent. Rogo te ut me totum impleas.”

Amber’s lips trembled as she waited. She wasn’t sure if it worked. Nothing moved in her small, studio apartment. She sat quietly, in black bra and panties, in the center of a crudely drawn circle. Four candles sat on the chalk line, and her bowl of herbs lay before her. She felt her heartbeat in her pricked thumb.

Everything remained quiet. Moments began to drag longer. Amber was doubting that it worked, or even if it could work. The quiet began to fill more space until it was suffocating her. Shit, this was a dud, she thought to herself.

Later that night, she awoke to a rustling. Opening her eyes, she saw a glowing figure at the end of her bed. Its features and edges were blurry, like it had been drawn with dust and moonlight.

Slowly, her comforter crawled off of her bed. The figure remained still. Amber didn’t move. Cold tendrils crawled up her legs, snaking their way up her calves and thighs. Goosebumps spread in waves across her skin, and her nipples hardened as the tendrils flowed upwards. She wasn’t sure if this was real or a dream, but the warmth between her legs told her it didn’t matter.

She started to squirm, but found herself locked in place. The figure moved closer, and details came into focus. It’s chest became rollings hills of muscle. Rivulets of veins ran down its arms. Between its legs, a cock took shape. Amber’s cheeks flushed at the sight, and with a husky whisper she uttered, “yes, spirit, take me and fill me with pleasure”.

As the spirit’s face came close Amber could see it taking form. Its cheekbones were set high under gentle, pale eyes. Its lips, full and soft, began covering her neck and face in kisses. The spirit ran its tongue down her neck and chest, leaving a glowing trail. Its strong, cold hands gripping her sides. The chill brought another wave of goosebumps across her skin. The spirit trailed further past her stomach to her panties where it paused a moment, hovering just above them.

Its eyes stared into hers. A pause. Suddenly, it plunged into her. Its tongue pushing past her panties as if they weren’t there. She could feel it sliding up and down her labia, and despite its cold texture, she was feeling warmer and warmer. It dived deep into her pussy, further than she was expecting, and swirled in circles against the edges of the entrance. The base of it curved upwards pressing against her clit while the tip remained inside her pussy. She was feeling it’s cold slippery texture inside and out. Her clit was throbbing. It was getting overwhelming, but Amber rocked her hips with the spirit’s movement. The tongue swirled and pressed, and Amber was lurching closer to orgasm. She was getting wetter, and she wasn’t sure if it was her or the spirit.

Amber arched her back up off the bed; her wrists and ankles still pinned down. Her body shook and her hips jerked to the climactic rush that ran through her.

She whispered, “give it to me, spirit. I want you in me.”

The spirit arose. It’s cock was hazy, but firm. The bindings that held her lifted her into the air. Its hands wrapped around her soft waist. The spirit rubbed the underside of its cock against her clit. Its sensitivity made her shudder.

She whispered again, “please, spirit. No more teasing. Fuck the shit out of me.”

The ghostly head pushed its way in. The spirit thrust itself in and out of her pussy. Her whole body swung with each movement; her long hair waving underneath.

“Yes! Keep fucking me! I want it! I need it!”

With a swipe of its finger, the spirit tore her bra and tossed it aside. Amber felt strong hands massage her tits and pinch her nipples.

“Oh god! Harder! I want more! Fill me!”

With each thrust, she felt its cock thickening. Each vein rubbing against her walls. Her moans became louder. Its balls smacked heavily against her ass.

“FUCK! I’m almost there. Oh god! Oh GOD! OH GOD! FUUUUUCK!”

As her body was racked with another orgasm, she felt the spirit’s cock throb and fill her. Their collective juices were overflowing.

Amber awoke the next morning, wondering if it was all a dream. She looked over and saw her bra on the floor, torn in half.