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The Motel

It had been a while since Steve and Carolyn had had an evening together without the kids. Occasionally, they’d slip out for a quick trip to the drive-thru for some quiet, but they didn’t often get a whole evening together like this. They had been talking about a night alone for months now. It was a such a great idea, they agreed, but it just never materialized.

Until this evening, that is. The kids were at grandma’s. A table had been reserved. A quiet room waited for them at a nearby motel. There were no details to their plan beyond a nice, quiet meal, and some quality time afterward.

For dinner, they had chosen to go to a small Italian bistro in town called Dottie’s. It was a cozy place just off the downtown main road, and across from an event venue which, thank goodness, didn’t have anything happening tonight. It was like any rural Italian restaurant: wood furniture, ivory walls, plastic potted plants, and framed prints of decidedly “Italian” things.

Steve knew what his wife liked. He wasn’t a chiseled hunk or anything of the like. But still, he wore a fitted, tailored suit minus the jacket. The slacks were a cool gray, and the shirt was a dark, almost teal, blue. That was paired with a lighter blue tie adorned with dark blue illustrations of flowers. It was simple, form-fitting, and included his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He wasn’t sure what about his forearms that enticed her, but Carolyn loved a pair of rolled up sleeves on him. He made sure to keep them on display for her.

Carolyn kept it simple. She wore a muted red cocktail dress with a cropped black cardigan. Her necklace was a gold chain with hanging adornments that got sucked into the gravity well that was her cleavage. There was so much cleavage. She was a lot rounder and softer than she once was, and the dress hugged every curve and crease of her body. The neckline struggled to keep her breasts contained. Carolyn was personally unsure of how good she actually looked, but she knew what Steve liked, and she liked watching him stumble over his words every time she leaned over.

“I can’t believe we got a night out”, Steve said, tension releasing with each word.

“I know. Me too. We should do this regularly. Make a thing of it”, Carolyn replied.

“God, yes. We should.”

“Angie came by the house today for coffee. Asked me to help her plan a booth for 4-H for the Pumpkin Festival.”

“Isn’t that six months away?”

“Yes. Well. You know Ang. Always the planner.”

The waiter approached with the bottle of wine they had ordered, and, proffering wine glasses, poured them each a glass. “Your food will be out shortly”, he stated brightly, before stepping away.

“Does she have any plans already, or is it still all ideas”, Steve asked.

“Still ideas. No clue what she’s wanting. Probably something to draw in more kids. It’s been a pretty small group for the last few years.”

A moment passed before he slipped in, “Hey. Off-topic. You’re looking pretty cute tonight.”

Carolyn leaned over, a coy smile on her face as her breasts pressed against the table-top, “Oh? Pretty and cute? Is someone trying to get in my pants?”

Mesmerized by the display, Steve forgot what words to use and slowly replied with, “I love your pants too.”

This elicited a cackle from Carolyn as she reveled in Steve’s response.

Just at that moment, the waiter arrived with their food. As he was placing Carolyn’s place, he got an eyeful of what had placed Steve in a trance. He did a slight double take and turned beet red. “Is there anything else I can get you two,” he asked them both.

Both were fine, and the waiter moved on to other tables.

After dinner, Steve drove their minivan, and old, troublesome beats, to the motel. Carolyn sat comfortably next to him and watched newly sprouted corn fields whip past as the sky smeared from a pale blue to a darker crimson. The clouds stretched in long strips, and she admired how beautiful it all was.

Steve peered over to her and saw her dreamily looking out the window. Her face was soft and familiar, with a cute little nose and cheeks he wanted to cover in kisses. She looked so gorgeous in her dress. The fabric hugged her curves just right, her hips made its own kind of cleavage into which he wanted to dive.

Carolyn peeked over and caught his leering. She loved his face. Solid, but soft. Her eyes traveled down to his body, enjoying how his clothes were tight in just the right places. She turned to him, saying, “I can’t wait until we get there”.

“Me either,” he replied, “it’s going to be so nice to not have any interrup—”.

“No,” she interrupted, “I really can’t wait.”

She unbuckled herself, crawled over, and kissed Steve’s face. Her nails grazed lightly down his cheek, and lower across his chest. She reached down and rubbed his thigh. He felt himself getting hard as she did this. Quickly, her hand found his swelling knob. “Ooo… Are you being naughty?”

He worked with concerted effort to keep his eyes on the road. Occasionally, he’d dart his eyes over to her, and the perfect view of her chest threatening to escape her dress. A second glance, and he spotted the round swell of her ass making the fabric of her dress work hard to stay together.

With trivial effort and wasting no time, Carolyn undid his belt and fished out his dick. Giving it a good, firm squeeze, she pushed her tongue hard against it, swirling it around the fat head. She liked how thick it was. Her tongue maneuvered down and up. His heart beat could be felt as the veins got thicker with every throb. He writhed as the texture of her tongue etched a trail of sensations across his manhood.

Carolyn nestled in closer as her lips kissed the tip of his head, and then slowly dropped to take in as much of his cock as she could manage. The angle was a bit awkward, so she only got about three inches deep, but she was going to pamper the hell out of those three inches. Steve felt her lips as a ring of pleasure gliding across his skin. He was throbbing harder than before, and trying to get more of himself in her mouth while also trying not to take them off the road.

“Oh, Jesus fuck”, he murmured. Inadvertently, he pushed harder on the accelerator, and sped up a bit. He concentrated hard on his foot to slow down. Carolyn was too fucking good at this. A bead of spit trailed down a fat vein. She stroked as she sucked. Her hand squeezed on the upstroke, almost like she was trying to milk the cum out of him.

Pre-cum started to leak into her mouth. His hips gently bucked upwards every so often, and she could feel the speed increase when he did this, “Be careful,” she warned with his cock still in her mouth, “otherwise, I’m going to have to stop”.

“Please”, Steve chuffed, “please never stop”.

Keeping one hand on the wheel, Steve felt up his wife’s body as she eagerly sucked. He ran his fingers up and down her back, enjoying every inch of her. He ever so gently pushed her head a bit further down on his cock. Her real struggle at this angle was not the length, but the girth. She tried to keep him safe from her teeth, but it was a real challenge. One that she enjoyed.

Steve was in heaven. He loved the feeling of her mouth wrapped around his, and could not get enough. She was so beautiful, and he wondered if she even knew how good she was at blowing him. Sweat formed on his brow; He tried not to explode before they even got there.

As they pulled up, the faux-neon sign came into view. The Junebug Motel used to be a crappy, run-down place to stay. No one knew how it stayed open because the only business that happened there was the buying and selling of drugs. Recently, though, it was bought by a young couple from California, and renovated into somewhere worth staying.

Ten squat rooms connected into one long, sky-blue building with a larger office at one end. It had kept that classic roadside motel vibe.

The front desk clerk sat behind the desk on his stool, and watched a beat up minivan pull somewhat erratically into the parking lot. A nicely dressed, but slightly tousled, man got out and came in.

“Evening, sir”, greeted the clerk, “do you have a reservation?”

“Yes. Steve Merrick”.

The man seemed winded for someone who was only driving.

A few minutes later, Steve was leaving the office and bee-lining to their room. Carolyn was out of the van waiting with their luggage. He signaled to her that they were in room four, and she hurried over.

They met at the door, and immediately embraced. She grabbed his head with one hand, and his ass with the other. He grabbed her waist and pulled her in closer, reaching down to feel the soft orbs of her ass.

She then began to unbutton his shirt, while he was unzipping the dress from underneath the cardigan. Steve reached over and clumsily rubbed the card against the lock to unlock the door. They stumbled in while continuing to claw at each. Carolyn dragged the suitcase in. The door closed behind them with a loud thud.

The room wasn’t very fancy (it was a motel, after all), but it did look both new and clean. Most of the walls were a cream white, with the wall behind the bed a bright, goldenrod yellow. The bed’s quilt was a matching yellow with a simple, pattern stitched into it. Medium, dark wood side tables were flanked on either side with brass lamps perched on top. In the rear was the bathroom sink with its huge mirror and yellow counter top.

They would later learn that each room was themed to a color palette.

Carolyn finished tearing off Steve’s shirt, and tossed it aside, as he was pulling off her cardigan. She kissed his chest, momentarily stopping to suck on a nipple, then kissed up his neck to his lips. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and swirled some searching for his. Steve’s hand came up to run his fingers through her hair. Gently, she pushed him back onto the bed. Steve was awed by his wife’s beauty. She was radiant. One strap of her dress was off her shoulder, one of her tits was trying to break free, and the hem of her dress was hiked up a bit, making the fabric bunch up around her midsection. Her soft thighs were exposed and inviting.

Carolyn swung her hips in circles as she slowly raised her arm and tugged the remain strap off her shoulder. She squeezed her arms together to make her tits bulge outward, creating a canyon of flesh that Steve would surely never escape. A slight bend forward, and her breasts broke free. They hung heavy as the soft flesh swung slowly to her swaying. Steve was mesmerized. She tugged her dress down, the fabric inching its way to freedom. Each pull revealed a bit more of her: waist, belly, hips, thighs. Finally, the dress dropped to the floor in a small heap.

Steve had seen his wife naked multiple times a day for the past decade. He never got tired of looking at her, and seeing her move and sway to seduce him just made him hungrier to have her. He pulled her closer. “Come here, sweetie”, he beckoned, “let me return the favor from our drive over”.

Carolyn crawled over him onto the bed. She kept crawling until her vulva was mere inches from his face. “Are you sure about this,” she asked, “I’m always worried I’m going to suffocate you”.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll let you know if I need air. Now sit.”

She lowered herself, and immediately met with his tongue. It swirled a bit, looking for her clit. He quickly found the entrance to the vagina, and began lapping up the juices. For the whole night, she was so fucking horny. The swirling continued until Steve located the sensitive little nub of electricity. Carolyn felt his tongue press hard against her. A small gasp escaped her lips, and her hips bucked slightly.

She bit her lip a bit as she threw her head back. Her hands wandered to her nipples, where she pinched and played with them. Her hands then wandered lower, touching and rubbing herself as they went, until they found his hair and started playing with it as he licked. His tongue was slick, but slightly textured, a perfect balance for her pleasure. It felt nice against her more sensitive areas. She started grinding harder against her husband’s head. Her worries of suffocation fading fast. Her clit was throbbing as it pin balled between Steve’s nose and tongue. She gripped his hair while she rode, edging closer to orgasm.

“Oh”, she moaned, “Oh yes. Ooooh.”

Steve loved having his wife sit on his face. He loved when she ran his fingers through his hair, and when her body began to jerk and convulse as her clit got more sensitive. He especially loved the little moans and noises as she inched close to an orgasm.

“Oh shit,” she continued, louder, “right there, baby, fuckin’ right there”. Even louder, “oh fuck! Oh, shit! I’m almost there, baby, Goddammit, suck my clit! Suck it. Fuckin’ suck it!”

Her hips were grinding hard in a frantic climb to her first orgasm. He obliged to her request, and sucked harder. Her nails dug into his scalp. Her clit was pressed hard into him, and her hips jerked repeatedly as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Loudly, “FUUUUCK! OOOOH, FUCK! SHIT SHIT SHIT YEAH! FUUUUUCK!”

Carolyn slumped forward with her pussy and belly pressed into Steve’s face. She was breathing heavily, taking a moment to rest her clit and try to make it stop throbbing so hard from the first rush. Steve didn’t mind being pinned there. It was evident by the feeling of this tongue swirling against her plush skin, and by the bulge running down the leg of his pants. After a moment more, she rolled off him to let him stand up.

Steve, like her, was older now. His body was softer, a belly starting to form, but underneath you could see he still had some of the old strength of yesteryear.

Steve’s belt, and probably his erection, were the only things holding his pants up. A quick unbuckle left him standing there in his boxer briefs. A bulge obscenely snaked its way down the right leg. His thumbs hooked into the band and slowly peeled them downwards. A tuft of hair appeared, followed by the fat root of his cock. More shaft was slowly revealed, inch by inch, until the head popped free of the band and smacked against his belly. It bobbed until it was pointing directly at Carolyn, demanding her attention.

Having been married so long, and with three kids, Carolyn was used to seeing, sucking, and fucking Steve’s cock. The first time she saw it, she played it real cool in front of him. It was no big deal. She’s had sex before, and was damn good at it. Inside, she was panicking. She’d definitely had sex before, but not with something so thick. How the hell would she fit the damn thing in her? Would it hurt? Would she tear? Would she scrape him with her teeth, and then he’d be like “ew gross, can’t you even suck a dick correctly”? What if she suddenly got lockjaw, and was stuck there and had to go to the hospital like that? She needed answers, dammit!

When Steve, on the other hand, saw Carolyn for the first time, he only thought about how he was the luckiest son of a bitch he knew. Her body overflowed with sensuality. She had big, heavy tits that swung as she moved. Her legs were long and curvy, and lead to as ass that was simply breathtaking. It was so juicy, he didn’t know if he should smack it, kiss, or bite it. At some point, he would end up doing all three.

But that was then, and this is now. Steve stood over her with his throbbing cock. She looked so fucking delicious, just like the day he first saw her all those years ago.

“I hope that big thing is for me”, she purred.

He strode over to the toppled suitcase, and pulled out their trusty jar of coconut oil. Carolyn took this opportunity to check out Steve’s cute ass as he bent over. She was going to smack that peach later.

He spun the lid off with his thumb, and proceeded to pull a generous scoop from the jar. Hand held out over Carolyn, his hand squeezed the oil, warming and liquefying and dripping all over her body. In strong, steady movements, he massaged Carolyn’s limbs. He started with the arms, working up from her forearms to her shoulders. There he stayed a moment to work in the muscles and neck. His hands wandered down to her breasts. He kneaded them in his hands, fervently watching the heavy flesh squish between his fingers. Occasionally, he would stop at the nipples to squeeze and tug on them. Further down he went, digging deep strokes into her waist and belly. He paused as he gripped her hips. He especially loved her hips, and the cleavage it made. His thumbs dug into the crease on either side, rubbing into her pelvis, making him harder. He moved down each leg, watching his hands press into her with each stroke.

Finally, he grabbed another small scoop to stroke his own thickness, and lined himself to her. She scooted a bit closer to the edge for easier entry. Gently, he pressed the underside of his dick against her vulva; she shuddered a bit, slit still sensitive from her orgasm. He rubbed his cock up and down against her. Each time, she twitched and shuddered to the sensations.

Then, he pressed his fat head directly against her clit, swirling it in circles before dragging it down to the entrance. A slight push was met with some resistance as her pussy protested the return of the fat visitor. Carolyn felt the pressure following by the deep stretch she got every time they fucked. Aided by the coconut oil and her own juices, her body worked to accommodate him.

Oh shit, baby“, Carolyn breathed, “fill me up”.

Steven gripped her by the waist, and pumped a couple of inches into her. He stroked in and out, slowing adding an inch, and then another. He could feel how wet she was.

Carolyn pulled his head towards hers, bit his lip, and then spoke into his ear, “I said fill. me. up.”

He gripped harder, pulling her by the waist and almost sliding her off the bed, as he plowed the entirety of his cock into her. She felt it rise inside herself, narrowly missing her cervix. “OH FUCK! YES!”, she howled.

She felt full, and he could feel her pussy wrapped tightly around him. “Goddamn, you feel great”, he huffed.

“So do you, baby.”

Steve leaned in, grabbing her nape, and began to grind against her. The tip of his cock tapping against some deep part of her. She shuddered with each stroke. He nibbled at her ear, and whispered, “fuck. You’re so tight. I can feel every bit of you.”

“God. I love it, it’s like you’re in my stomach. Harder. Fuck me harder.”

Not wanting to disappoint, he pulled almost all the way out and slammed his hips into her. Repeatedly, he slid in and out, hips slapping into hips. She moaned in response.


He perched his knees on the bed, lifting her legs and angling her pussy to the perfect place to pound his cock even harder and deeper into her. Each thrust came down, filling her and rubbing up against her clit. His heavy, full balls slapping down against her ass.

“Yeah! Pound it! Give me that big cock!”

Steve didn’t say much. He could only huff to keep himself up and pounding. Plap plap plap. Smack smack smack. As he went, he felt her get wetter. Each stroke pushed more fluid out.

“Fuck! I’m almost there. Fuck! Right there, baby! Gimme more! Fuck fuck fuck fuuuuck!”

That last “fuck” trailed off as she shook in orgasm, nails dug into Steve’s back, and her pussy exploded like a dam bursting. Her squirting flooded all over the bed and carpet, with some spraying a bit between them.

There was a moment of quiet. They both breathed heavily while embracing. Their hearts thumped in their chests hard enough that it was like their heart beats were in each other’s chests.

Steve stood and stretched his legs. His hips were a bit sore from the position, but his cock was dripping in its success. Veins pulsed. He was harder and hornier after the mess they made. A little winded, he told her, “Get up. I want to see that big ass shake while I fuck you.”

Carolyn rolled off the bed and bent over. The two big cheeks of her ass waved enticingly in front of Steve. He ran his hands up her sides feeling, squeezing as he went, feeling up her legs and hips and waist. Carolyn felt the tip of his cock start to nestle between her ass cheeks. A loud slap of his hips on her ass and she was full again, feeling that stretched feeling despite having gotten off just moments ago.

He started thrusting. Smack. Smack. Smack. Her ass rippled with each hit. She throbbed every time his fat nut sack smacked her clit. Smack. His hands explored her body. Squeezing her hips. Smack. They traveled upwards, squeezing and kneading her heavy tits. Smack! They lowered to her belly. Smack! He squeezed and pawed at it. Smack!

“Oh fuck! You feel so damn good”, he panted and continued to pound.

“Oh god! So do you, baby”, Her moans replied.

He could feel her getting warm again. His balls were tightening. The tip of his cock tingled on the verge of release. He grabbed her waist again, thrusting hard.


“AAARGH! FUCK”, he almost grumbled, and tried to keep his shit together for just a moment longer. Trying to stave off that looming eruption.

“I’m almost there! Cum for me! Cum for me, baby! Give me that fat load! Fill me. Fill meee!”

And there he was, the point of no return. Her ass moved like waves in the ocean. Her hands were gripping and pulling the sheets of the bed. Moans and pants and yelling filled the room. The tip of his cock repeatedly tapped against the deepest parts of her. The sounds of her fat tits slapping up against the bed echoed against the walls. His cock was enveloped in a tight grip as she sprinted to her own orgasm.

“OH SHIT SHIT SHIT FUUUCK!”, she bellowed.

Her pussy was on fire as she panted and moaned, and the hot rush of her fluid ran down both of their legs.

“OOOH FUUUUCCK”, he hollered in response.

He gave one last big thrust. Carolyn could feel his cock swell inside her, and then it came. And it came. And it came some more. Fuck, he was cumming so much, she thought to herself. He exploded inside her, his balls tightening up as they emptied. A bit of it started to leak out as he was coming down from the rush.

He slumped over a bit on her. Exhausted. Using her still very gorgeous ass to steady himself, he got up and rolled onto the bed, his wet, soft cock flopping about as he did. She laid there peacefully. Cum was leaking out and onto the carpet.

In the moments before they passed out, Steve muttered, “we should do this regularly. Make a thing of it.”

“God, yes. We should”, Carolyn whispered in reply.