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Something New

So here I am trying out this blog thing that people have been on about these days. Yes. Yes. I know they’ve been a thing since the 90s. Let me pretend for a moment.

Aw, man. First Post. I’m crushing it.

I’m being told that I need to writing something substantial.

“something substantial”

There! Did it! Second win! I’m awesome.

But for reals, I have tried a great many times to have a blog or a website or something. I start okay. I have some things I want to talk about. Some opinions to express. Then it just kind fo falls off. I’ve been pondering why.

I suspect one reason is that I’m usually writing about the one thing I have any authority on: my day job.

You don’t get to know what that is. It’s hush hush.

But also, in those times when I tried, my day job was mentally exhausting. The work itself was good, but the work environment was a problem. And then trying to write on my off time about a topic related to regular poor experiences, it just felt empty.

Plus, I had trouble thinking of topics. I would either talk about something that no other human would care about, or I’d end up writing takes on other people’s takes. It was just… bad.

What’s good, though, is sex.

I fuckin’ love sex. I also love all the weird shit around it. The stories, the lies, the truths, the pictures, the videos, the toys, the sights, the sounds.

More recently, I’ve been wanting to be more creative. I don’t really have time for my first love, art, but I can write well enough. Plus, writing is easy to pick and put down because all I need is this old laptop that I’m using right now to write this post.

So this website is an effort to stretch and create and express thoughts and feelings on a topic that isn’t work, but something I enjoy. I hope you enojy it too.

Tune in next time. Same nerd time. Same nerd channel.